The Wind Rises (2013)
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A personal Instagram photo series. {Plants + loved ones} equals hashtag plants in yo’ face. You can also visit my VSCO page for other snapshots I share!

♥ Thumyz

Just an old sketch in my sketchbook that I wanted to share! I’m trying to share more sketches as well as finished work. I’m also trying to start 2-3 more personal projects asides from the Studio Ghibli Poster Project, just to keep me busy and keep my creativity flowing. :]♥Thumyz
My Neighbor Totoro TeaserGHIBLI PATTERN POSTER PROJECT, 2014 
The last teaser!!!!! :) This is the pattern set for the My Neighbor Totoro movie poster. The next set of 3 finished posters will be coming soon so look out for that!
♥ Thumyz
#plantsinyoface, a new series. Seriously.I love plants, and I love my little sister. She stayed with me in Chicago for an entire week and we went exploring everywhere!So much fuuuun.
Some more sketches from my book that only a few people have seen!Right now I’m working on another set of 3 posters in the project: Kiki’s Delivery Service, Grave of the Fireflies, and My Neighbor Totoro. I’m pretty excited to start on Ponyo and Mononoke soon, the Kodama are going to turn out so cool!!! I’m thinking From Up On Poppy Hill for the 3rd poster, but I’m not too sure juuuuust yet. And as always, if you’d like, you can check out the other finished posters at my website and follow me here on tumblr to follow my progress and get updates about new Ghibli posters. :)♥Thumyz
DOUBLE EXPOSURES: asides from Studio Ghibli, my favorite thing in the world. 
"Hot summer, cool icons." Just wanted to share some of the cute flyer graphics I made for work :)♥
Grave of the Fireflies TeaserGHIBLI PATTERN POSTER PROJECT, 2014 
ANOTHER TEASER! :) This set of patterns belong to the Grave of the Fireflies movie poster. Look out for one last teaser before the 3 finished posters come out!♥ Thumyz
Opaque  by  andbamnan