スタジオジブリ Studio Ghibli
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Yes, it’s done! The next two to be released is Kiki’s Delivery Service and Grave of the Fireflies. In this poster you can see Totoro and friends, acorns, butterflies, paper cranes, flowers, and more soot sprites. Very abundant with nature. I really love the color scheme. Enjoy!
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365 Project, Week 2 

"Carofotos"2014 Please click through for a higher quality viewing.
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Recently started a new 365 Project, focusing on Chicago. Began August 30, 2014, marking my fifth year anniversary here. I’m trying my best to capture a moment, a place, a space, some faces every single day and love Chicago the way it’s loved me.

I’ll be sharing photos every week here, but if you want to follow along you can find them on my Instagram too!

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Another little flier I whipped up at work!You have some rosemary in there, some cilantro, star anise, a little chili pepper….
I don’t think that I can ever truly express how much I love Studio Ghibli and all the joy and memories their movies have given me. So I pay tribute to them in the best way I feel I can, through art + design. There’s been big news recently that Studio Ghibli is “closing” or taking a “pause” and that soon all animation productions might possibly come to a stop. That makes me extremely sad. But…I think it’s safe to say that we are truly blessed for the many beautiful animations that have already been made. Those we can keep forever. My love for these movies will never die. So I’ll re-watch them and I’ll keep creating, even if Miyazaki, Takahata, and their team pauses, even if they stop creating movies. ♥LONG LIVE STUDIO GHIBLI!
SLICED. More cute little icons from work.♥
Opaque  by  andbamnan